News (30.06.10) Nine Inch Nails v. Arizona

Nine Inch Nails have joined the boycott of Arizona. Also added to the list of artists who refused to serve in the American state, Gogol Bordello and My Morning Jacket.

Recall that the initiator of the boycott was made by the singer Rage Against The Machine Zack de la Rocha. Thus, he protested against the new law on immigration adopted by local authorities in the spring and allowing police to detain anyone who they believe are illegal immigrants. If a person can not prove otherwise, he may be arrested.

«If other states follow the lead of Arizona, on human rights in our society can be forgotten. This law was passed by the same people who refused to recognize the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday, «- said De La Roca their actions.

Note that earlier call leader Rage Against The Machine have already supported Sonic Youth, Cypress Hill, Massive Attack, Anti-Flag, Serj Tankian, and many other performers.


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