News (29.06.10) Slipknot Future in doubt

Slipknot Future in doubt.

In an interview published on the festival website Sonisphere Slipknot guitarist Jim Root admitted that they still do not know whether they will seek to replace the lost last month, a bass guitarist, or cease to exist.

Ruth said that in the next two years they are with Corey Taylor will go all over the world in the tour of their project Stone Sour, but when they returned home and a good rest – will meet with other team members to discuss the future of Slipknot.

«I can not say I’ll see you someday in the group stage, but one thing I can say for sure – it must go through a very long time in order that we may even think about it. Now this idea does not arise in the head with none of the participants Slipknot, too difficult to imagine that in place of Paul will be someone else. While we have difficulty even believe in the reality of what is happening, «- says Jim Root.

Recall that the new album Stone Sour «Audio Secrecy» will be released on September 6.


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