News (30.06.10) Muse, Foo Fighters и Rolling Stones в Guitar Hero

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Muse, Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones will appear in a new version of Guitar Hero. Besides these, there will also be presented My Chemical Romance, The Cure, Metallica, Slipknot, Stone Temple Pilots and many others.

World release Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock is scheduled for autumn this year. In addition to the rock hits the new release will contain a quest that was voiced by Gene Simmons of the group KISS.


News (30.06.10) Nine Inch Nails v. Arizona

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Nine Inch Nails have joined the boycott of Arizona. Also added to the list of artists who refused to serve in the American state, Gogol Bordello and My Morning Jacket.

Recall that the initiator of the boycott was made by the singer Rage Against The Machine Zack de la Rocha. Thus, he protested against the new law on immigration adopted by local authorities in the spring and allowing police to detain anyone who they believe are illegal immigrants. If a person can not prove otherwise, he may be arrested.

«If other states follow the lead of Arizona, on human rights in our society can be forgotten. This law was passed by the same people who refused to recognize the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday, «- said De La Roca their actions.

Note that earlier call leader Rage Against The Machine have already supported Sonic Youth, Cypress Hill, Massive Attack, Anti-Flag, Serj Tankian, and many other performers.

New clip: «Muse» — Neutron star collision.

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News (29.06.10) AC/DC was detained at customs.

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On the border with Hungary, they were stopped.Employees responsible for the condition of roads, appealed to the management team.

In order not to delay the tour manager AC / DC have paid the money, but two weeks later filed a complaint, since the payment of so-called «fine» they were not issued any receipt.After the trial it became clear that the penalty was set illegally.

Interestingly, this story would have ended the same way, whether on-site AC / DC common people, not world-famous musicians…

News (29.06.10) Slipknot Future in doubt

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Slipknot Future in doubt.

In an interview published on the festival website Sonisphere Slipknot guitarist Jim Root admitted that they still do not know whether they will seek to replace the lost last month, a bass guitarist, or cease to exist.

Ruth said that in the next two years they are with Corey Taylor will go all over the world in the tour of their project Stone Sour, but when they returned home and a good rest – will meet with other team members to discuss the future of Slipknot.

«I can not say I’ll see you someday in the group stage, but one thing I can say for sure – it must go through a very long time in order that we may even think about it. Now this idea does not arise in the head with none of the participants Slipknot, too difficult to imagine that in place of Paul will be someone else. While we have difficulty even believe in the reality of what is happening, «- says Jim Root.

Recall that the new album Stone Sour «Audio Secrecy» will be released on September 6.

Weaving the year 2009!

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1. AMATORY — Дыши Со Мной
3.PLACEBO — For What It’s Worth
4. LINKIN PARK — New Divide
5. THE RASMUS — Living In a World Without You
6. MGMT — Kids
8 . KINGS OF LEON — Sex On Fire
9 . COLDPLAY — Viva La Vida

10. OASIS — The Shock Of The Lightning
11. GREEN DAY — 21 Guns
12. MANDO DIAO — Dance With Somebody
14. SLIPKNOT — Dead Memories
15. SHINEDOWN — Second Chance
16. THE OFFSPRING — You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
17. THE PRODIGY — Take Me To The Hospital
19. THE RASMUS — Justify
20. PARAMORE — Decode
21. PLACEBO — Ashtray Heart
22. PARAMORE — Ignorance
23. ФРУКТОВЫЙ КЕФИР — Всего Ничего
24. RISE AGAINST — Audience Of One
25. RAMMSTEIN — Pussy
26. БУМБОКС — Полина
27. JANE AIR — Моя Стая
28. NARKOTIKI — Puma
29. HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD — Everywhere I Go
30. FALL OUT BOY — I Don’t Care
31. THE KILLERS — The World We Live In
32. EVERLAST — Stone in My Hand
33. FRANZ FERDINAND — Can’t Stop Feeling
34. MUSE — Uprising
35. KINGS OF LEON — Use Somebody
36. BRAINSTORM — Волны
37. THE VIEW — Shock Horror
38. MARILYN MANSON — Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon
40. PAPA ROACH — Hollywood Whore
41. U2 — Magnificent
42. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE — Desolation Row
43. BLUE OCTOBER — Say it
44. SAKURA — Гравитация
45. СПЛИН — Вниз Головой
46. 25/17 — На Городской Карте
47. THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT — Sometime Around Midnight
48. БИ-2 — Bowie
49. U2 — Get On Your Boots
51. ЛЯПИС ТРУБЕЦКОЙ — Буревестник
52. KASABIAN — Underdog
53. THE KILLERS — Spaceman
54. COLDPLAY — Life In Technicolor II
55. FRANZ FERDINAND — No You Girls
56. КАСТА — Вокруг Шум
57. INCUBUS — Black Heart Inertia
58. THE GOSSIP Heavy Cross
59. NOIZE MC — Кантемировская
60. BRO SOUND — Снег (Мой Сладкий Сон)
61. IDA MARIA — I Like You Much Better When You’re Naked
62. SLIPKNOT — Sulfur
63. 30 SECONDS TO MARS — Kings & Queens
64. THE DEAD WEATHER — Treat Me Like Your Mother
65. NOIZE MC — Из Окна
66. DEAD BY SUNRISE — Crawl Back In
67. THE PRODIGY — Warrior’s Dance
68. DEPECHE MODE — Peace
69. PLANET FUNK — Lemonade
70. GREEN DAY — 21st Century Breakdown
71. YEAH YEAH YEAHS — Heads Will Roll
72. ЛЯПИС ТРУБЕЦКОЙ — Манифест
73. WHITE LIES — To Lose My Life
74. GREEN DAY — Know Your Enemy
75. PAPA ROACH — I Almost Told You That I Loved You
76. СБПЧ — Это
77. MUSE — Undisclosed Desires
78. THE PRODIGY — Invaders Must Die
79. KASABIAN — Fire
80. BILLY TALENT — Rusted From The Rain
81. SHINY TOY GUNS — Ricochet
83. PANIC AT THE DISCO — New Perspective
84. EDITORS — Papillon
86. БИ-2 — Шар Земной
87. PASSION PIT — The Reeling
88. OASIS — Falling Down
90. ТАРАКАНЫ — Новости Этой Минуты
91. MOTORHEAD — Rock Out
92. SKUNK ANANSIE — Because Of You
93. THE OFFSPRING — Kristy, Are You Doing Ok?
94. ENTER SHIKARI — Juggernauts
95. NICKELBACK — Gotta Be Somebody
96. FOO FIGHTERS — Wheels
97. МУМИЙ ТРОЛЛЬ — О, Рай!
98. EMPIRE OF THE SUN — We Are The People
99. АССАИ — Лифт
100. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE Meet Me on the Equinox

Top 5 (30.06.10)

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1. Rammstein — Haifisch
Muse — Neutron star collision
Xudoznik — Supersonic
Rammstein — Ich tu dir weh
5. 30 Second To Mars
Closer To The Edge